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Carlos, Camilo, Magnus, Piti, and Bent outside of the Madison Preview

Thank you DETROIT, here are some pictures to remember us, see you next year

We had a great time, and our guests had an even better time…as if that we’re possible.  Thank you to all of the great car and motorcycle fans that came out for the First Annual Auto Moto Film and Arts Festival in Detroit.  Especially to all of our sponsors and partners…


Submit your film now!!

Yes that’s right, submission are open, so get us you car, motorcycle, or combined film.  You can read all of the submission rules here and then either mail us the info or submit on line with at festhome.  The sooner the better, because we’re working on a few surprises for 2016.


Talking Cars & Motorcycles with Stunt Man Legend, Pete Antico by Charlie LaRose

If dandruff has you flaked out, consider an aspirin! Grind up an aspirin, merge it nicely into your normal shampoo and use as always to get yourself a cheaper plus much more powerful remedy than expensive dandruff treatments! The valuable attributes in painkilling components basically work to relaxed your free…

Havana Motor Club 3

The Havana Motor Club interview with director B.J Perlmutt by Mark MacInnis

If Detroit is known as the “Motor City”, should we start calling Cuba the “Motor Island”? Yes! The streets of Cuba contain a “rolling” museum of classic American cars, and in a very natural and practical way, Cuba has preserved a beautiful piece of Detroit’s history for all to see….


Our Day With Magnus Walker by Charlie LaRose

Almost thirty years ago, Magnus Walker landed in the automotive industrial capital city of Detroit, Michigan, from his hometown of Sheffield, England. While working at a summer camp for underprivileged children outside of Detroitʼs city limits, he ventured into the city and indulged in the authentic punk and heavy metal…


Camilo Pardo, AutoMoto artist, advisor and friend

Here is a great trailer for the upcoming short about Camilo Pardo AutoMoto artist, advisor and friend. The film is being produced by Mark MacInnis and we hope to screen it at one of or several of the festival locations next year. Plus some nice art samples.     Born…